It’s difficult for us to overstate just how desperate our ‘grey matter’ health was up until our escape from 9-5 employment. Unfortunately it’s a very typical situation for many around the world.  Perhaps this is you right now?

When we worked for a corporation, we were suffocating. Honestly, every corporate cliché in the book was in place. The unreasonable expectations and deadlines. The never-ending emails. The excruciating ‘forced fun’ team days. The bile inducing buzzwords. The staggering hypocrisy and a manager who was colder than a butcher’s freezer. Sounding at all familiar?

Throw a big old doze of anxiety and depression into the mix and you, my friend, are kicking it somewhere very near to rock bottom.

It was the kind of place where you would be expected to work through the night, then deliver a presentation to an ego maniac on ‘the importance of self-love and taking your mental health seriously.’ All, of course, while said ego maniac was nestled all snug in their bed while visions of the next days power trip, danced round their head.

Hilarious if it wasn’t 100% true, and yet, somehow, hysterical that it is.

So, when we were given the chance to leave, you best believe we were gone quicker than a toupee in a hurricane.

The point is, when you are in that cycle, your mental health and wellbeing really don’t get a look in. You are not “being better than you were yesterday”. And, really, how the hell could you be?

Seriously, It’s taking every ounce of what you can currently offer just to hold on. Pressure and demands from work, family, friends, the news and social media, leave your grey matter at the bottom of the priority list.

Well, what we came to realise is that it NEEDS TO CHANGE. Move it to the TOP of the list. No if’s, and’s, but’s or maybes. It ABSOLUTELY needs to happen because EVERYTHING ELSE FLOWS FROM THERE.

Listen, we are a million miles away from being experts, but we’ve learnt enough to know that If you want to work prolifically at gaining your time, financial and location freedom, the first thing you need to be is mentally healthy.

For us, Meditation is a big one, so, we decided to create a meditation channel on YouTube

When you get a spare minute, why not head over, check it out, see if it works for you?

Thanks for getting to know us a little better. If you are in the same position as we were then why not use some of the resources on the site to adopt The Mentality Of A Future Rebel, so that you too can be happier and healthier while you ‘Bring Home The Bacon’. Take it easy.