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“Don’t die with your music still in you”

Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Those of you with astute observational abilities may have gathered by now that we do enjoy a quote or two. You would be right! I mean, why look for the words when they have already been said perfectly by someone else?

THIS quote though, this quote we hold on a level of its own. It manages to nail everything that we stand for. EXPRESSION!

We implore you to find the thing that brings you joy and do it. Whether its painting, bungee jumping, basket weaving, writing or competitive duck herding (oh yes, it’s a thing), make the time for it and DO IT. TODAY!

Deep Folly (‘deep folly’ being an expression used by, in our opinion, one of the funniest men to have ever walked the Earth – Professor Stanley Unwin) is the most important of our three chosen areas, BECAUSE it fuels the others. When you experience joy, it benefits your grey matter, which, in turn, fuels your ability to bring home the bacon.

Human beings as a species are naturally expressive. History tells us that much. We have, after all, been sculpting and cave painting since as far back as 38,000BC by jove! We all want to leave our mark in some way. It is built into our DNA. It is who we are.

So why do so many of us give it up? We grow up, get a job, get married, have kids, cars, a house, pets, different job, maybe a divorce, an outrageous amount of debt, a mental breakdown, a mid-life crisis, a different house, a different car, remarried, more kids, more pets and it goes on… And on… And on.

Meanwhile, we have put our dreams and passions neatly in a box, sealed it shut and pushed it to the furthest, darkest corner of our brain where it will begin together dust and eventually fade. Because that’s the ‘sensible’ thing to do. Then, we promise ourselves that we will ‘come back to it’ someday when the time is right. After I’ve finished studying and getting the grades I need, once I find someone to spend my life with, when I get the promotion, as soon as the mortgage is paid off, when the kids are grown up, after I retire, the minute I get better. Well, have you come back to it yet?

To that, we say, it is time, once again, to unashamedly do what you love and to give absolutely ZERO FUKZ about who likes it and who doesn’t.

What do we love to do? Well… Click the link above (if you have time to squander:)

Express yourself like a Future Rebel. Do it today, you are alive today. Tomorrow is not promised. “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

Dr Wayne W. Dyer
Professor Stanley Unwin